Pitra dosha puja

pitra dosh puja nivaran

Effects of Pitra Dosh

People suffering from Pitra Dosh insult the elders and also ignore disregarding the feelings of others. There is shortage of money. There is an atmosphere of fighting and conflict in the family. Problems such as delay in marriage, obstruction in procuring children and lack of money have to be faced.

Pitru is directly related to our family. Our immediate relatives, who achieve premature death or who do not get salvation or rebirth due to any reason, they become father. They have a bond with us so they remain emotionally attached to us even after death. They are very powerful. If they are happy on us, they give wealth and wealth, but they keep it happy, but if we do not remember them, do not donate food etc. to them, then they get angry many times and cause a lot of trouble. Due to this, there are obstacles in auspicious work at home. Marriages do not happen on time. The bickering persists. There is no rain in wealth. In such a situation, measures should be taken for prevention of Pitrodh.

Pitra Dosh Shanti Puja

There are many methods of worship for the prevention of Pitra dosha. The best method is the legislation performed by Vedic mantras. The plans related to the peace of Pitru Dosha are pacified by their mantras.

Benefits of Pitru Dosha Pooja:

Offering this puja or anu anayan ends your health work.
With the effect of this puja, all the stalled works you have are completed.
Physical and mental worries go away.
All kinds of obstacles coming in the job, career and life are overcome.

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