Nagbali Narayan bali

Nagbali Narayan bali puja

Nagbali Narayan bali

These two methods are done for the purpose of fulfilling the unfulfilled desire and desire of human beings, that is why these two methods are called Kamyu. Narayanabali and Nagabapali are different methods. The aim of Narayana Bali is primarily to eliminate Pitru-dosha. And the purpose of Nagabali is to remove the blame of snake / snake / snake murdah. Only Narayana can not perform sacrifices or snake sacrifices, so both these rituals have to be done simultaneously.
Narayan has been instructed in the scriptures to perform the Nagabali Karma for the prevention of Pitridosh. Often these deeds are done to get rid of the misfortunes related to the misfortune of the native. It is very important to have complete knowledge of how and who can do these actions. The natives whose parents are alive can also perform these actions properly. After wearing Yajnopavit, a virgin Brahmin can perform this karma.
These deeds should be performed for the sake of procreation and family growth. If the wife is not alive, then these actions can be done without the wife to save the family. If the wife is pregnant, this work can be done up to five months from conception. If there is any auspicious work in the house, these deeds are not done for a year. Even after the death of mother or father, doing these deeds for one year is considered prohibited.

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पितृनिःश्वास विध्वस्तं सप्तजन्मार्जित धनम्। त्रिजन्म प्रभवं देवो निःश्वासो हन्त्यसंशयम्।। यतस्ते विमुखायान्ति निःस्वस्य गृहमेधिनः। तस्मादिष्टश्च पूर्तश्च धर्मो दावपिनश्यतः।।

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