Kundli Dosha

What is Kundli dosha and how it affects

In astrology, horoscope is considered to be an indicator of every event that occurs in a person’s life. Because the position and direction of the planets in the horoscope are the cause of problems and happiness of a person’s life, which is called luck. While some special yoga makes a person very lucky, some situations cause a person’s misfortune. These conditions of the horoscope form with the birth of a person, hence their fate is associated with them. But when the circumstances are not favorable then the person has to face a lot of problems. Because of which there is a defect in the horoscope. This defect can be caused by the bad state of any planet. And if this defect remains in the horoscope for a long time, then one has to face many challenges in life.Therefore, one should get rid of these defects in time. For this, you have to take Kundali dosha prevention measures or some remedies to correct the state of that planet. Here we are telling you about the same horoscope fault prevention measures.The development of intelligence is hindered when Mercury is weak in the horoscope. When Mercury is weak, a person is not in a position to take any decision properly or starts making wrong decisions. Mercury also becomes a major obstacle in career. When it is weak, the person has to face repeated failures.

The poor position of Venus in the horoscope worsens the relationships of a person’s life. Due to this, there is a state of tension in the marital relationship.A person has to face a lot of troubles when Saturn is in a bad position. Such a person has to face many problems in the society. They have to be hurt again and again for their respect. These people have to make special efforts to do any of their tasks. Which sometimes failWhen Mars is weak in the horoscope, a person can never sit comfortably. Bad Mars creates conditions that disturb the person mentally. There is family strife in the lives of these people due to which they have to face big problems.It is very important to be strong of the Sun planet in the horoscope because the good position of this planet gives the person strong and respectable position in the society. On the other hand, if this planet is weak in the horoscope then it always pushes the person into disputes. In this situation many times a person may have to get involved in legal matters also which hinders his / her progress.

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रत्नाष्टापद वस्त्र राशिममलं दक्षात्किरनतं करादासीनं, विपणौकरं निदधतं रत्नदिराशौ परम्। पीतालेपन पुष्प वस्त्र मखिलालंकारं सम्भूषितम्, विद्यासागर पारगं सुरगुरुं वन्दे सुवर्णप्रभम्।।

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Acharya Pandit Ji is an expert in Vedic Astrology and all Hindu religious Puja and Anushthan Like Various of Kundali dosha Nivaran, Kalsarp Shanti Puja,  Mangal (Mangalik) dosh Nivaran Puja, Pitra dosh, Mahamrityunjay Anushthan, Rudrabhishek, etc. He oversees all problems and works closely with people to ensure that all expectations are met.

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